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[NOTE]: Part of the Sea explorers DLC

"It's a temple in the sea!"

The sunken temple is huge, sunken... temple far, far underwater. Its underwater enviroment and ancient technology make it a hotspot for slimey life, allowing for a huge variety of peculiar slime species.

Due to its vicinity to the Great Canyon Reef, the Sunken Temple is full of strange aquatic slimes known as "skarmes". Though to be distant cousings of the puddle slime, these playful little critters are usually perfectly friendly, though they are often confused thanks to their poor eyesight.

Also inhabiting the Temple's near-infinite corridors is the statue slime, a ratherlanguid species with a fascinating defense mechanism. When in the prescence of a predator (or any creature larger than them, actually) they convert their specially-adapted outer layer into a super-strong stone-like material that is effectively impossible to break through. However, this can be broken if they deem you not a threat - something thought to only be achievable by giving gifts to prove your hospitality.

BOb seems to be the only person with access to this subaquatic treasure, and it is still unknown how he or she came accross it - or who he or she even is. However, BOb certainly likes chickens - and the Sunken Temple is home to the most deliciousest, chickeniest chickens around. In exchange for just three of these appetizing avians, he or she'll hand over one of his most prized of possesions: the fake hen, a foul with absolutely no calories to allow for continual eating with no worries of obesity.

Get to a certain number [75], and he'll happily hand over some old blueprints he found: the water tank upgrade. Keep going [300] and he'll happily givaway his pink-infested isle that he or she never really needed.

New Food

Chickadoo of the sea


[NOTE]: The origional page stated that bOB would also give an item that kept statue slimes active and quantumn slimes from teleporting. This has been removed temporarily as it would cause dangerless slimes other than pinks, which would be overpowered. Thank you for understanding.


The sunken temple idea was originally posted on the monomi park forums. You can find the origional thread here.

Art for both slimes have been created

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