The traitor slime looks like any slime, but if your not careful it will start acting like a feral slime. 

Traitor Slime
Unknown slime

Any slime

Basic Info
Habitat Everywhere
Diet Ranchers


Default Plort Value N/A
Creation Status
Created by Chillyconmor
Terms of Use Can be used without permission

Traitor slimes ONLY eat ranchers. This can be useful if you want to detect other traitor slimes. 

Traitor slimes cannot become Companion slimes.

Traitor slimes have a 10% of spawning intead of a Tarr and are disguised as a Tarr, but dont harm slimes.

Per every traitor slime killed  you lose 5 wigglerescence (Because the other slimes think you killed a real slime.

If the Wiggle Factor is at Party all traitor slimes turn into regular slimes