Hello! I am FlowerButterfly, a fellow slime rancher who is very active here and protected their profile. I am also an admin. My alternate account is YlfrettuBrewolf. Also, I made my self as a slime.

What I have been doing here

I love to use my imagination to create many things for slime rancher. If you want to use one of my ideas, then please tell me what it will be used for before using it.

All my ideas suck lol

Yes they do

I'm also an admin here (Thank you A slime psycho2!). If you spot someone breaking the rules or need help with something else, then ask me or another admin!

My Random Stuff: https://slime-rancher-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Category:FlowerButterfly%27s_Pages

I also do some forum games and roleplaying.


Sort of a reference to the BFDI wiki I guess?

Will probably get moved to the CnCwtB wiki.

  • A slime psycho2 - We did AOTOTW together a lot. They've also got some great fanon ideas. They were also one of my first friends!
    • Status: Friends
  • ShallowKelton - Not as active anymore, but we have done a few things together and I may join their Slime Rancher Roleplay soon.
    • Status: Friends
  • Math42 - They've got some good ideas and they do have some good roleplaying ideas.
    • Status: Friends
  • - Electrobox - (Inactive) - Not as active anymore, but they did create some great ideas, and they also founded Dat Joke DLC.
    • Status: Friends
  • MagmaltheEpic (Inactive) - Not as active anymore, but I had a good time with them.
    • Status: Friends
  • CrazypuppyT - Is a good roleplayer and likes memes. Just like me. I was in their discord server but my main account was banned and I left with my alt account.
    • Status: Friends
  • AEverydayGlowyBoi - Sadly they're no longer active, but they had some great roleplaying and story ideas.
    • Status: Friends
  • Ajani walker (Inactive) - Sadly, their parents no longer let them on Fandom, but when they were on fandom, they were quite fun to roleplay with especially in Gold Plort.
    • Status: Friends
  • SomebodyElse314 - We had a good time together, and guess what? They're back! :)
    • Status: Friends
  • The slime fan - In the beginning, we didn't work well together, but now we're friends and we roleplay together a lot. (Although they are sometimes too OP)
    • Status: Bad Terms (Beginning), Friends (Present)
  • XXToprak135Xx - They WERE mostly good and fun to roleplay with, but they seemed to have changed. We might become friends again though, idk.
    • Status: Friends (Beginning), Neutral (Late 2020), Bad Terms (Early 2021), Neutral (Present)
  • HelloIamAPeraon - Kinda annoying sometimes and made a ripoff of AOTOTW, but other than that, they're good and fun to roleplay with.
    • Status: Bad Terms (Beginning), Friends (Mid to Late 2020), Neutral (Late 2020), Friends (Present)
  • Zippee100 - Cool and fun person.
    • Status: Friends
  • Ionic Slime - They're a mostly good admin.
    • Status: Neutral (Beginning), Friends (Present)
  • TheHappyFeralSlime - I thought they were annoying me but apparently it was the other way around. At least we apologized and we're friends now!
    • Status: Bad Terms (Beginning), Neutral (Late 2020 to Early Early 2021), Friends (Present)
  • Lavalord82156 (Gone until June) - We're friends I think.
    • Status: Neutral (Beginning), Friends (Present)
  • Rosiedoggie2000 (Account Disabled) - We didn't do much together, but I still consider them a friend and I'm sad that their account got disabled. :(
    • Status: Friends?
  • Hunter Slime Girl (Account Disabled) - We were probably friends, but their account got disabled because they were underaged... :(
    • Status: Friends?
  • OrrinPants (Banned) - They edited and used ideas without permission, and spammed stubs. They also seem to be planning to get me off this wiki? Wtf. Good thing they can't even if they get unbanned!
    • Status: Neutral On My Side (Beginning), Bad Terms On My Side (February 2021), Neutral On My Side (First Days of March 2021), Bad Terms On My Side (Early March 2021), Enemies (Present), No longer Enemies (Possible Future?)
  • ArctricAndTheF0X - They're a good friend and a great artist!
    • Status: Friends
  • SierraCola - We haven't done much together but they are a good person.
    • Status: Friends?
  • HyperPadBoy - Our only interactions are roleplaying, but they're a good person.
    • Status: Good Terms
  • Tallcakes (Back) - We're friends! Though I should really make those assets now.
    • Status: Friends
  • Gabethedestroyer - I'm tired of him saying he's the greater god and trying to kill ranchers, but otherwise he's a great person. His account also got disabled multiple times for being underaged.
    • Status: Good Terms
  • Gamercatu - We do roleplay together and I said I'd make art for their project but I'm too busy atm.
    • Status: Neutral
  • 11mcslillianmb2 - Everyone seems to hate their ideas except me and I feel bad for them. Also we do roleplay with each other sometimes.
    • Status: Neutral (Maybe Good Terms)
  • WIP (Sort of)

Wikis I'm On

This may get moved to the CnCWtB Wiki.


More polls at User:FlowerButterfly/Polls


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I'd just like to point out the fact that I exist.



UCP sucks.

Fandomversary on April 29th!

I passed a stack of edit streak

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Tee hee hee me edit flower profile -Peraon

You literally gave it away. Also it's supposed to be subscript and you need to sign it, HelloIamAPeraon. Actually, I'll do that for ya. -FlowerButterfly

No one else yet? -FlowerButterfly

Hmm... -FlowerButterfly

i have arrived -TSF

Ikr - FlowerButterfly

no - zipeprphee

Ikr - FlowerButterfly

What now? - FlowerButterfly

for some reason this has been unlocked and they are now inactive so anarchy time jk - zipepep100

i agree, in honer of flower, we will vandalas ther page, and i bet you cant guess who i am-TVG1

I don't wanna loose my daily edit streak, also I know your acronym TheVeryGolden1. - FlowerButterfly

aww man, and thanks for fixing the link and putting me on friends list-TheVeryGolden1

yw -FlowerButterfly

So now what? Wait, I should be making my star system. -FlowerButterfly

Done! ....Actually, I was done for awhile. -FlowerButterfly

SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpamSpamSpam wait please don't. -FlowerButterfly

SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpamSpamSpam wait please don't. -FlowerButterfly

SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpamSpamSpam wait please don't. -FlowerButterfly

SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpamSpamSpam wait please don't. -FlowerButterfly

SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpam SpamSpamSpamSpamSpam wait please don't. -FlowerButterfly

look at your page, idiot samwich-TVG1

You vandalized it! Good thing I fixed it. -FlowerButterfly

all i did was put idiot samwich!-TVG1

It was still technically vandalism even if it was an accident, so don't do it again. -FlowerButterfly

So uhh now what? Hmm........................................ aaaa -FlowerButterfly

so, uhhhh, what do we do now?

You forgot to sign your thing, TVG1. Also if you want to vandalize my profile then do it here. -FlowerButterfly

Also I'm gonna protect this page, but turn this conversation into a non-protected template. -FlowerButterfly

Hello? Anyone here? -FlowerButterfly

This text will forever be at the bottom of the conversation -FlowerButterfly

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