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Hello! I am FlowerButterfly, a fellow slime rancher who is still a bit new, but very active here. My alternate account is YlfrettuBrewolf. Also, I made my self as a slime.

Am I a good contributor? Please be honest, and if there is anything I am doing wrong, then let me know. There is always room for improvement. Also remember that you can change your vote any time!

The poll was created at 23:07 on June 30, 2020, and so far 27 people voted.

What I have been doing here

I love to use my imagination to create many things for slime rancher. If you want to use one of my ideas, then please tell me what it will be used for before using it.

My Stuff:

Also Check Out:

I will also do some role plays and games on the threads.

The Lobby (By CrazyPuppyT):

Friends On This Wiki

These are all of my friends on the wiki. Please either put "Unconfirmed" beside my name on your friends list, or ask me if you want to be friends before saying that I am your friend.

A slime psycho2



- Electrobox -



AEverydayGlowyBoi (Unconfirmed)

Ajani walker


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Attempts on Templates Similar to the Joke Template.

This glitched out my profile, so view it at User:FlowerButterfly/Templates.


I'd just like to point out the fact that I exist.

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