Wigglerescence is a game mechanic that denotes the sell value of plorts, how rare rare things are, the potency of range exchanges, and how wiggly the slimes are.

Wigglerescence tops at 100, and cannot be negative. There are several different variables that affect your Wigglerescence.

Wigglerescence Requirement
+5 For every 100 newbucks worth of plorts sold you get this buff
-5 For each tarr left alive this day
+3 For each tarr killed this day
+20 For each slime type fed by hand
-50 For each living thing burned in an incinerator
-20 For each chicken thrown into the slime sea
-9999 If you have burned a baby chicken in the past 7 days
(*0.5 to *1.5) This modifier depends on the ratio of corrals without music boxes to corrals with music boxes. The formula is

((M/C) + 0.5)

where M is music box corrals and C is music boxless corrals.

This defaults to *1.5 if you have no corrals on the ranch

(-10 to -1) For the first unhappy slime on the ranch, 10 Wigglerescence is deducted. For the second, only 9 is deducted, for the third, 8 is deducted, so on and so forth.
+50 If you have completed an exchange with Ogden Ortiz or BOb this day.
-5 For every slime or Traitor slime killed

Wigglerescence has buffs.

Buff Wigglerescence requirement
Golden slimes have 1% chance of replacing pink slimes at least 80
x1.5 Reward from range exchange at least 50
Feral slimes are no longer hostile at least 75
Hens do not age into elders at least 50
Rock slimes agree to try fruits at least 75
Pink slimes show that their favorite food is carrots at least 75
Honey slimes try to place their plorts into plort collectors at least 75
Boom slimes explode more if a slime is out on the ranch at least 50
Tabby slimes are much wigglier at least 75
Angel achievement 100
All plorts go up in price tomorrow at least 80
Largos refuse to eat plorts that are not theirs. at least 85

And that's basically it.

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